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10 May 2018

A Look at Aging Grapefully Etched Stemless Wine Glass

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Product Name: Aging Grapefully Etched Stemless Wine Glass

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Price: 19.95

Currency: US


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We are not big wine drinkers, but I have been collecting more and more things lately to help add to our bar collection. We now have some decanters, aerators, wine stoppers, wine charms... And I typically do not buy one wine glass by itself, always wanting at least two so that my husband and I can enjoy our rare drinks together. But I was invited to review this stemfree wine glass, so figured might as well, though it is only one glass.

The wine glass is nicely shaped, like a wine glass typically is, with rounded sides and a narrower top and base. It is stem free, so there is nothing to hold on to. Instead it looks like a normal glass cup, shaped and tapered. I was impressed with how thick it is. It is much more substantial than many of my wine glasses, and thicker than the few other stem free glasses I have used in the past. And the etching on the side is well done. It is clear to read and there are no stray etching marks on it, giving a clean look with an elegant design.

And it is far larger than I was expecting. It is able to hold up to 21 ounces in it. I poured the remainder of my soda in to the glass to take pictures, since I wanted something darker to show off the etching. I had more than 3/4 of my soda left from a 16 ounce bottle and it didn't even reach the etching on the side of the glass.

When placing your order, you can get the plain wine glass I have (with just the Aging Grapefully logo on it) or you can select from the other options for etching styles. There are 7 to choose from including "May you Live to 100, with an Extra Year to Repent" and "To Old Age, May it Always be 10 Years Older Than You", as well as other humorous sayings. I found them humorous.

Great wine glass with some great options. This would make a great gift item to someone who is beginning to complain about aging and who loves wine. Lots of fun statements to make them laugh!

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Aging Grapefully Etched Stemless Wine Glass Aging Grapefully Etched Stemless Wine Glass Aging Grapefully Etched Stemless Wine Glass

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