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13 Jun 2017

A Look at the book Alpha Grayson


Book Title: Alpha Grayson

Book Description:

Book Author: Midika Crane

Book Edition: 1st

Book Format: EBook

Date published: June 11, 2017

ISBN: B0711WJ235

Number Of Pages: 213


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This is book three in a series, and I have not read the first two, so was a bit at a loss as to what was going on. It was not difficult to figure things out, though, and didn't take me all that long. I was drawn in to the story from the start, but found my mind wandering a few times as I read. Though this happened a few times, I still found myself drawn back in and enjoyed the story. I did notice that the first half of the story read better than the second half. The first half was full of detail and description, leading the reader up to the conflict. But as the book continued rising, the second half became very rushed and lacked the detail from before. It felt as if the author had so much in her mind that she was unable to write fast enough to keep up with the developing storyline in her head.

Regardless, I did enjoy the story. I don't read many paranormal types of books, especially romances. But I tried it out, and it wasn't all that bad for me. I was not fully invested in the main characters, feeling they lacked a little substance, and was unable to emotionally connect with them. But their story kept my interest, even when their romance fell short of what I enjoy in other stories, and I wanted to know what would happen next and if they would be successful in their endeavors.

The author writes freely and with little error in mechanics and grammar. I was not overly distracted by the writing style and felt it flowed smoothly. As I said before, she paid great attention to detail in the first half of the book, making it far more enjoyable to me than the rest, but the second half was not bad, by any means. It was just not as good as the first half, being that it was not fully expanded.

I think I am going to go back and read the first two books to see if I can understand more and build an emotional connection with the characters. I believe I owe it to the story and the series before leaving such a "meh" review. After reading, I will return with an update to this review.

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