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7 Sep 2017

Attitude: We ARE What We Think

attitudeRecently I had a revelation. I was watching a video on Netflix and stopped to watch “The Secret.” I just “happened” upon this video in my boredom, searching for something interesting to watch. I thought it was a movie, completely unaware that it would change my entire outlook. It was a video on the Law of Attraction. I have heard about the Law of Attraction and have read numerous articles and books on the subject. But today it “clicked” for me. I was able to see what I have done in my own life. And I am sharing this self revelation now in hopes of helping others.

It has been a years since I began dabbling in MLMs, network marketing, and direct sales. It has been just a little longer since I decided to embrace being a stay at home mom permanently instead of continuing to seek employment. To date I can say I have not achieved the success that I had dreamed of when starting. Have I had success? Yes, but not what I had hoped to achieve.



I realized after watching this video that I have been harboring a negative attitude, though it was buried deep and hidden from the world. I kept thinking back to all of the things that didn’t go right in the past few years, all of what I considered to be failures in my life, all of the disappointment, and worse, the depression I had at not achieving my dreams. Though I wasn’t talking about it with anyone (other than my spouse in moments of weakness when I’d break down saying “Why can’t I succeed? Why does everything I try seem to fail anymore?”), it was always there, holding me back.

No more! I refuse to let those thoughts determine my future! Earl Nightingale said, “We become what we think about.” Jeff Gitomer said, “Success is a level of performance and self confidence brought about by winning experiences. Failure is not about insecurity. It’s about lack of execution.” And in The Secret I heard the message “We live our lives as a direct result of our past actions and thoughts.”

I have been telling myself “I can’t. I will fail. I have failed already.” Instead I should have learned from those experiences, identified the success I DID have, and let that shape my thinking. I CAN succeed and I WILL succeed. I know I will. But I have to let go of the negative thoughts that have been holding me back.

believeI am not saying I am now an absolute believer in the Law of Attraction. Instead I will say I AM a believer in myself.

I am the master of my future and I am the one who will make or break it. And that begins with believing in myself and ending this pity party that I have been serving myself for the past few years. Success will not come with a belief that I am a failure.

Prior to being laid off, I never struggled with things I set my mind to or attempted to do. I found success in nearly anything I set my mind to because I had confidence that I would succeed.

But I lost sight of that faith in myself along the way.

Today I say no more! I refuse to sabotage my future and my happiness by poisoned thinking! I AM a strong, successful woman, and I WILL achieve the things I set my mind to!

What are YOU thinking? Are you also harboring self doubt, fear, and insecurity? Let it go. Have faith in yourself. You can be anything you want to be. Remember Nightingale’s words: “We become what we think about.” I am thinking about success, about the future of my family and the blessings we will have because of my hard work and determination. And I know that I will achieve it! Will you?

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