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9 May 2017

The Best Things About Working From Home

I have been a work at home mom and homemaker since 2011. During this time I have found many reasons to love being home and doing what I want. Here are a few of what I consider to be the best reasons to work at home. These are what speak to my heart and desires, so my list may differ from your own.

My List of the Best Things about
Working From Home

  1. I can be with my kids when they are home, sick, out of school early, etc. I don’t have to worry about holidays, babysitting, or vacations
  2. I can attend school events and parent/teacher conferences without asking my boss if I can miss work. And if the school calls me because my kids are sick, injured, in trouble, or forgot something? I can go attend to their needs without having to call someone else or missing work.
  3. I can take as many breaks as I want for as long as I want. Need to go shopping? Don’t have what I need for dinner? I can jump in the car and go get what I
  4. I can check email, Facebook, or talk on the phone without worrying I will get caught by the boss and reprimanded for being off task.
  5. I can work in whatever attire I want. I have no one to impress and don’t need a suit to do it. My closet is now full of tshirts, comfy sweatshirts and sweaters, and cozy things to lounge around in.
  6. Make up? Who needs it! Ponytails, headbands, hats… I only dress up when I need to.
  7. I can do laundry or cook things while working.  No need to get behind on chores because of work. Those home improvement projects I have been wanting to do? Done them! A little work here, a little time spent on the project, followed by more work… The same is true of crafting. I can make things and enjoy my hobbies in between my workWorkingRemotelyBig tasks.
  8. I don’t have to listen to office gossip or worry about workplace politics.
  9. I set my hours, my days off, my life. I am in control and no one can take that from me.

Those are just a few reasons I decided working from home was good for me. But I have to be honest and share the bad parts as well. Check out some my biggest downfalls here.

There is a good side to working from home, as well as challenges. The key is to find balance between the two, be disciplined, and get in to a routine that works for you. I have had to put myself on a strict schedule in order to get things accomplished.

But the beauty of that schedule is I work additional things in to the routine that I wouldn’t be able to do if I was in an office job – like washing dishes or doing laundry or going shopping anytime I want. And if I don’t follow my schedule? It’s not a big deal. I get back in to the routine as soon as I can and make up for the lost time!


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