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Orientation is a pre-requisite for paid courses. It is not required for free courses.

Orientation Objectives:

  • Introduce you to DSSC, who has developed the Support Center and qualifications, what is offered and how to access resources.
  • Provide a brief overview of resources and allow participants to have hands on experience by navigating to each page to explore, then returning to Orientation for the next link.
  • Provide basic information on Courses and trainings, how to locate available courses, how to sign up, associated costs and payment options.
  • Teach you how to access a course once payment has been made, how to locate course requirements, how to navigate the course, quizzes, and Course Certificates and required scores.
  • Teach you how to access personal information found in your Members section of the website. This includes My Payments, My Training, My Orders, My Profile, and much more. You’ll be taught where to locate information, access order history, and view items related to you personally.


DSSC Orientation is a FREE Course.


The only requirement for enrolling in Orientation is to create an account on DSSC. Participants may have any level of account – free or paid.

There are no pre-reqs for taking Orientation. Orientation is a pre-req for paid courses.


Each session is designed to be short and concise. Orientation is the longest course offered. The length of time it takes to work through a module will depend upon the various requirements – readings, activities, questions for reflection, etc. The time you spend working will also depend upon your personal learning style. If you are the type of person who likes to spend time reflecting on and analyzing what you have read, you may find the modules take longer for you than for others.

Orientation is an asynchronous, self-led, self-paced course.  Course participants work independently at their own pace to complete course objectives.

Start and End Dates:

The Orientation Course begins the day you enroll. Upon completing your enrollment in the course, you will be granted access to the modules and able to begin working. There is no end date for Orientation. You are able to work on the modules at your own pace when you have time. Upon completion of the Course you will be eligible to enroll and access paid courses.

Course Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of DSSC Orientation, participants will be eligible to enroll in any paid courses. (Note: Orientation is not required for free courses.) Certificates are not awarded for completing Orientation.

1 – History & Background: A brief overview of DSSC, its founder, and the purpose of the Support Center.
2 – DSSC Resources: A look at all of the DSSC resources available and how those resources are accessed through course modules.
3 – Courses & Modules: A step by step walk through of courses and modules. Includes accessing courses, what a module is, different interactive options, etc.
4  – Course Content: What is typically included in a course, course design, and resources.
5 – Account Information: Where to access personal information, course history, certificates, payment information, etc.
6 – Conclusion: Review of course objectives, instructions for next steps.
7 – Course Quiz: 10 question quiz reviewing course objectives. Must pass with 80% to be granted access to paid courses.


There are no downloads or additional resources needed for this course.


If you have any questions regarding Orientation or DSSC, please contact us through the Contact form on the website.