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Goal setting is the process of thinking about the future you want, and the motivation you need to make that future your reality. This process helps you determine WHERE you want to be, and if designed correctly,  HOW you need to get there. By creating goals, you create a long-term vision.  You give yourself a purpose and provide yourself a focus.  By concentrating  on your goals, you can use time-management strategies to help you to achieve more.

This course is designed to be an introduction to Goal Setting, helping you to understand what a goal is, the types of goals you can develop, different strategies and methods for goal design, and more. By the end of this course you will have a complete understanding of goals and how they are designed, as well as ideas on methods you may want to use in writing your own goals.

This course is an introduction, therefore there is more that can still be learned about goals and goal setting. This course does NOT go through the process of writing goals, only introduces you to goal writing and strategies. Please review the course offerings for more advanced goal courses if you have further interest in continuing your development of goal writing and design.

Course Objectives:

  • Introduce you to what a goal is
  • Explore different types of goals and how they apply to our lives
  • Identify commonalities between different goal writing methods and strategies
  • Learn about some of the more popular and common strategies for goal writing

Cost: $10

Requirements/Pre-reqs: Must complete Orientation with a passing score of 80% or higher.

Schedule: ~2-3 hours

Because there are numerous modules in this course, it may take longer. This is an asynchronous, self-led, self-paced course. Course participants work independently at their own pace to complete course objectives.

Start and End Dates:

This course begins the day you enroll and complete payment. There is no end date for this course. You are able to work on the modules at your own pace when you have time.

Course Outcome: Certificate of Completion

1 – Goals – Defined: Learn what a goal is and synonyms to help better understand the concepts.
2 – Types of Goals: Explore different types of goals and determine which is best for your business needs.
3 – Categorizing Goals: See how your goal writing can be applied to all aspects of life.
4 – Goal Setting Methods & Strategies: Explore different goal writing methods or strategies you can use to create attainable goals.
5 – SMART Goals – Learn how the SMART method for goal setting works.
6 – Locke and Latham’s 5 Principles of Goal-Setting – Learn about Locke & Latham’s 5 principles and how they guide goal development.
7 – BSQ & BHAGs – Learn what BSQ & BHAGs are and how that applies to goal writing.
8 – Justwynn Model – Learn about the Justwynn Model and its application to goals.
9 – OGTM Framework – Learn about the OGTM Framework and goal writing.
10 – Pick Four – Learn how selecting 4 items and working towards them for only 12 weeks can help you reach your goals.
11- Course Quiz: 10 question quiz reviewing course objectives. Must pass with 80% to earn a certificate.


There are no downloads or additional resources needed for this course.


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