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26 Apr 2017

Customer Loyalty

In the world of sales getting repeat customers is a big key to success. The challenge is learning how to get customers to come back and shop again. You can’t sit back and hope a customer that made a purchase will like the product so much that they will come back and buy more. It happens, but if that is your approach to boosting customer loyalty you are going to miss a lot of opportunity

How much thought have YOU put into getting customers to come back and shop again?
How often does one of your customers refer your business to someone else?
Do you have a system or strategy in place to help you build customer loyalty?

Here are a few ideas to help you build customer loyalty

Customer Service
Being kind, courteous, and helpful goes a long way with customers. Don’t try to be a know it all. LISTEN to your customer. Respond to their questions, needs, concerns, and do so in a professional, timely manner. If a customer reaches out to you don’t wait 3 weeks to respond. Respond as soon as possible to show the customer you value their time.

Follow uppuzzle3
You hear it all the time, in any sales company: The fortune is in the follow up. What are YOU doing to follow up with customers? Send a follow‐up offer after your customer has received their order. Get feedback from your customer regarding the order – did they like it? Would they buy it again? Would they recommend it to others? Then present them with a follow-up offer. Ex: As a thank you for making a purchase I wanted to offer you free shipping on your next purchase. When you are ready to order let me know what you want and I’ll place your order to give you your free shipping. (Then collect payment for the products they want and place the order from your consultant backoffice for them.)

Knowing what your customer purchased and what their pet’s needs are can help you better serve your customer. Look at their previous orders or the questions they have asked. Offer recommendations for them based upon what you know. Sweeten the deal by offering an incentive (such as the free shipping above, a bonus product from your inventory that will also address their need, or a gift certificate).

People are reluctant to buy something they have never heard of or fear won’t work as intended. Too many products in the  market claim to do wonderful things but fall short of actually doing it. Send a few samples out to previous customers, especially when you have new products. Ex:  Send a card with your sample letting them know you value them as a customer and wanted them to have a sample of your latest product.  You may want to even offer an ordering incentive. (Ex: “Order this product and I’ll give you a 10% discount. If you are interested please let me know and we’ll get your order placed.” Then proceed with the same Quick Order process outlined above.)

Customer-LoyaltyReferral Rewards
Offer rewards for customers who refer others to your website. Be specific in how this will work. Ex: “New customers need to email me the name of the person who referred them. As thanks I will give the referring customer a bonus gift and the new customer 10% off their first purchase.”

Loyalty Program
Develop a loyalty program for your customers. Keep track of how many purchases they have made and offer an incentive for reaching a certain dollar amount or number of orders. The key is keeping track of records for your customers.
Ex: Shop 5 times and get free shipping on your 6th order.
Ex: Every $10 spent earns a paw on your loyalty card.  15 paws = $10 off your next order.





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