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15 Jun 2017

A Look at Wine Chuckle Dishwasher Indicator

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Product Name: Wine Chuckle Dish Butler Dishwasher Magnet Indicator - Clean-Dirty

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Price: 10.19

Currency: US

Availability: OnlineOnly


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There is nothing worse than getting in to the dishwasher to grab something thinking it is clean and find it is still crusty or dirty. I hate that. I have been wanting to get a magnet indicator for some time now, and the kids were excited to see I finally got one. Of course, that doesn't mean they are actually USING it. I think it has been positioned in the CLEAN direction since getting it.

The magnet is strong and sturdy. I have a decorative cling on the front of my dishwasher and this still stays put without falling off. It has "Clean" and "Dirty" on front and back. You simply pull it off and turn it around to indicate whether the load is clean or dirty. I love the butler image on the front. I have seen many different images on these magnets, and this one was one of my favorites.

Now if I could just make the kids actually turn it around when doing dishes or when leaving dishes in there unwashed while awaiting a full load... But it is something I wanted and exactly what I expected. I have no complaints.

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