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1 Jan 2018

Do or Don’t: Google Rewards


Do or Don’t – Google Rewards

googlerewards2I signed up for Google Rewards March 1, 2015. Many of my friends have never heard of it and often ask me, “Does it really pay?”

What Is It?

Google Rewards is an app that you can download that allows you to respond to surveys and earn money for them. They payouts are really low, but they add up eventually. The surveys are fast, usually consisting of places you have visited recently and how you made a purchase. (See image below for an example.) It is connected to your Google Play account so you are able to spend your earnings on apps, movies, music, books, etc. It requires that you have your bluetooth on when you are out and about so that it is able to track your location and send you surveys. If you are against using tracking features, this may not be the app for you. But if you like to earn money from being out and about, this might be up your alley. You do need to be above age 18.

What does it look like?

googlerewards3You start out by completing some basic questions. It has been forever since I signed up, so I don’t recall all of the questions, but I recall doing basics – gender, age range, etc. There are also other random surveys that ask you some of the strangest things – when was the last time you took a hot air balloon trip being one that I recall popping up at one point. It also asks you things like when you will be buying a car or house. And not all surveys are paid. I sometimes wonder if they toss those in to see if you are human or exploiting the system somehow.

But most surveys are about places you have visited recently. It gives you a few options, and whether you select one or more, it will pick only one to do the next questions for – which are typically when you visited (last week, last month, more than a month ago, etc), and sometimes how you paid (I paid using my debit card, I did not make a payment, etc.)

It is super fast and takes less than a minute to finish.

Selecting None of the Above will result in no reward earned. Usually there will be at least one option you can select.

And most payments are super small – like 10 cents small.

The surveys are not all the most regular. I used to receive surveys every few days. The last year or so I have only gotten one every few months or so. And it is funny that I tend to see them on my tablet nearly every time I use it (which is not all that often), though my tablet gets left at home most of the time, whereas my cell phone goes everywhere with me and has bluetooth turned on for other rewards programs I have. When you have a survey, you will see a notification in the top bar of your phone (unless you have notifications turned off.)

Does it work?

Yes! I have had no problems with making money on this and being able to use it on Google Play. For awhile my youngest was always begging me to buy him Pokecoins for Pokemon Go. I told him I would not buy him coins unless my Survey balance was at a certain point. He made sure to check my phone often for me to see if I had a new notification of a survey, and then would help complete the surveys for me asking me what I had done or where I had been. Now that he is not using it any more, I am able to spend the money however I like. Often that is on music or books.

Since March 1, 2015, I have made $130.70. That may not sound like a lot, but when you realize that some rewards were only 10 cents and others 25 cents, it adds up. Other than those surveys that are non-paying, 10 cents is the lowest amount I ever earned. The highest amount is only 78 cents. So it is not a quick process, to say the least, and you definitely won’t be getting rich off of it. Not to mention, you can’t cash out anyway – only buy things through the Google Play store.

Do or Don’t?

Definitely a DO! I love it and being able to buy things without having to use my card. It has definitely been worth the few minutes every now and then! Search it up in the Play store or on the Apple store.

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