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19 Jun 2017

A Look at Shunil And Sons Plantar Fasciitis Kit

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Product Name: Shunil And Sons Plantar Fasciitis Foot Arch Support Sleeves Kit, Gel Toe Spacers And Separators

Product Description:

Price: 17.95

Currency: US

Availability: OnlineOnly


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I suffer from back pain, so have been looking for as many different ways as possible to address and alleviate the pain before it begins and after it has set in. I have done everything from changing my seating, posture, and environmental factors to adding in items like these foot braces and supports. I needed a new set and saw that this kit had more than the arch supports, so decided to give it a try.

The entire kit is very well packaged. I was very impressed with the packaging, thinking it was a very nice gift like presentation. I didn't know what I had received at first, until after opening it. I was not expecting that from foot items, so was pleasantly surprised. It comes with the foot supports, gel toe seperators, and gel toe spacers.

The arch supports had a nice mesh band around them that allows your foot to breathe. I was impressed with this because the last set I used did not have this. I liked the idea of allowing my foot some chance to breathe. But I did notice the band around it was a bit too big for my foot. If I put them on over socks, they fit fine. But on bare feet, they don't work for me because they slip and don't stay in place.

The gel toe spacer works fine and feels comfortable. I don't have any trouble with the spacing between my big toe and second toe, so don't really need these. But for the time I wore them, I had no trouble with them irritating my feet, causing discomfort, or slipping off. I was able to wear them barefoot around the house, with flip flops, or with socks and tennis shoes on.

The gel toe seperators were a completely different story, though. I was not able to get them on right no matter what I tried. I have funky shaped feet I guess. I have always thought my toes were ugly, with the last three curving inward towards the big toe. I don't have hammer toes, but they curve instead of laying flat. The end of my little toe is about halfway of my big toe, if you drew a line across, so my feet have a very sharp angle from one toe to the next. The toe seperators simply did not fit on my foot with the way my foot is shaped. I could get it on around my big toe and second, but couldn't turn it enough to reach my next few toes. I finally gave up.

But regardless, this is a great set and well worth the money if you suffer from back pain, foot pain, or leg pain. My husband suffers from plantar fasciitis, so he is going to use the seperators. He uses foot compression sleeves, so won't be using the arch supports.

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