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2 Jul 2017

FRANK – Your list building best friend!

If you are new to Direct Sales, you have probably already been introduced to the concept of building your “list.” The logic behind building and using a “list” is simple, but sometimes we get caught up in the “how” of this simple document.

A search online will give you a variety of possibilities for putting together this list to launch your business. And many of the direct sales or multi-level marketing companies you join have templates you can use to start with.

The challenge to building your list is understanding that you are not to pre-judge or label any person. You should add each person to your list regardless of whether you think they could use what you have to offer, whether they could afford it, whether they might have the time needed to work with you, or any other reason that comes to your mind. Never judge a person and make the decision for them without sharing it first, regardless of what you think. You don’t want to rob them of the chance to benefit from what you have to offer because you thought it wasn’t right for them.

Let me introduce you to my friend Frank. Frank is going to become your best friend in regards to list building. Here’s how.


F is for friends. The first thing you need to include in your list is all of your friends. Write down every name that comes to mind. Don’t worry about what info you have or how long it has been since you last spoke with them. Your goal is simply to write them down.

R is for relatives. Next on your list you will put all of the relatives you have or your spouse has. Again, don’t judge whether they are interested or not. Don’t worry if you don’t have their contact info. You can find that in a later step.

A is for acquaintances. These are all of the people you have associated with at any time in the past. They are not necessarily friends, but you probably have quite a list of names of people you know from the gym, a social club, or from church.

N will be any of your neighbors. Add them to your list and worry about how to talk with them later.

K is going to be all of your kid’s connections. Parents of friends of your kids, babysitters you might have used, teachers at the school who have had your kids, etc.

checklist-41335_960_720This list should give you a starting point for reaching out and sharing your business. Once you have all of your names you can go back through them and start filling in blanks and making notes. At this point you need to begin adding phone numbers, email addresses, and other relevant means of contacting them. You’ll likely find you have a lot of gaps, but don’t worry. It isn’t too hard to get the info in other ways. It may take some calling around or emailing mutual friends to ask for some assistance. And you may find you need to search online to obtain what you need. Sometimes you may not be able to find what you need so won’t have a means of contacting them. But don’t despair. There is no need to cross them off yet. Just focus on the others until you find the info you need for those you have set aside temporarily.

FRANK is a never ending opportunity for your business. You will continue to add names to your list as you move through your daily routines. FRANK will truly become a much needed, much appreciated friend for your business.

Why not take a little time now to update YOUR FRANK list? We have templates available in the Resources section. Take a look!

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