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Direct Sales Support Center is your online resource for support and guidance in the world of Direct Sales,multi-level marketing, small business, and start ups. DSSC is a collection of resources designed to provide training, guidance, coaching, support, and motivation for entrepreneurs and business owners of all levels and skills.  If you have a desire to succeed, we have a desire to help!

Background of DSSC & Trisha: Consultant & Coach

DSSC began December 2015, offering deals and discounts on Business Directory listings, courses and training modules, and advertisement opportunities to promote the website and establish a user base. DSSC was created and is managed by Trisha Smith. Trisha is a married mom from Bakersfield, California. She works from home managing the website, researching direct sales, marketing (including influencer marketing, product reviews, and unboxing), branding, social media, leadership, and more while coaching, mentoring, and consulting entrepreneurs, small businesses, and direct sales workers. She is a church goer, an avid Scouter (Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts), a foster/adoptive parent, a student teacher supervisor and online course facilitator/instructor, craft and DIY lover.


All courses, articles, guides, and visual and/or written content on DSSC are developed by and copyrighted to Trisha Smith and may not be duplicated and/or posted elsewhere without written consent from Trisha/DSSC. All resources available from DSSC may not be sold or redistributed in any form. Users have permission to share links or post to social media, so long as DSSC is credited for the work and a linkback directs viewers to the website to learn more.

Disclosure Policy
Federal Trade Commission law requires complete disclosure of advertising and promotion. DSSC has a written policy providing disclosure of products and services received for review purposes, referrals, and advertising discounts/deals. DSSC contains numerous affiliate links to vendors and external sources. To read this policy, disclosure.

The Future of DSSC

If you have questions about DSSC or any content, copyright permissions, billing or order questions, or need information or an explanation of something in your Account, please use the Contact Form found on the website. If you have not heard back from someone within 48 hours, you can also send an email to orders [a] (take out the spaces and use @ in the address). Please be as specific as possible when requesting help.

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