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This site is written and maintained by Trisha Smith from Bakersfield, CA. Products, services, and content are written by Trisha, unless otherwise stated. The site was created for the purposes of helping others with building and growing a business of their own, and is maintained and operated as a source of income for Trisha to help provide her family. As such, this notice serves as disclosure of that purpose.

Reviews and recommendations of products and/or services made on the site are the opinions of Direct Sales Support Center/Trisha, based upon using, analyzing, and exploring said items. Many of the items have been given for a reduced cost, extreme discount, and in some cases, free of charge. Items received are not for resale or giveaway, unless permission from the originator is given and disclosed on the post. In some cases, sponsored posts, products, and reviews are made available through DSSC. Others utilize paid advertising opportunities offered by the site.

Reviews are the personal opinion of one individual, therefore, the products or services may not meet the expectations of others or be appropriate for their needs. DSSC encourages any visitor who has a negative experience with a company, product, or service reviewed on the site to contact the company directly rather than this site. DSSC is unable to resolve problems or provide support for products or services reviewed. DSSC does ask for visitors to share their own experiences in the comments for the product/service, and DSSC reserves the right to alter reviews to reflect any potentially negative businesses practices.

Any post that refers a reader to a product or service will include full disclosures and link back to this page. If you feel there has been failure to disclose the origins of products, prices, discounts, deals, etc., please contact us immediately with your concerns and/or information pertaining to the issue.

DSSC cannot present information or research about every product, service, or company mentioned on the site, but makes effort to provide enough information to readers to continue exploring and researching on their own. Whenever possible, DSSC will provide information, links, and contact details for the reviews that have been posted.

The ratings and reviews posted on DSSC may be changed later by DSSC personnel due to price, popularity, product quality, etc. Changes made to reviews for whatever reason will be done as an update, leaving the original review for reference. Notice of any changes will be made to the item originator.  Our goal is to provide our visitors with facts and meaningful information about a variety of products from different companies.

Visitor comments and experiences with products/services reviewed on DSSC are subject to review, alteration, and removal if DSSC personnel feel the comment is not in the best interest of the website’s vision and intent. Notice of alteration and/or removal may or may not be made to the comment author, but efforts will be made to privately contact the offending party with an explanation of what was changed and why, as well as a copy of the DSSC TOS and policies.

DSSC does NOT endorse any of the products, services, or companies posted on this website, unless otherwise stated.  All products and services are the responsbility of the company listing the product and DSSC members using the outside party’s product or service are doing so at their own risk.

DSSC reserves the right to alter, ammend, or remove this disclosure policy and disclaimers, with or without notice to visitors, companies, and outside parties. All changes made to this policy will be documented in the closing section below.

Questions, concerns, and comments may be sent to reviews @ dssupportcenter .com (please remove spaces when copying/pasting the email address) or submitted to DSSC through contact forms on the website.

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