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28 Aug 2017

Motivational Moments: Aug. 28, 2017

Motivational Moments
August 28, 2017

Some people are deathly afraid of heights, others are scared to death of having to pick up the phone and call a total stranger. But if your dream is big enough, you can use it to motivate you to push through your biggest fears and overcome them as you move closer and closer to achieving your goals. There is a story from the Bible that demonstrates this idea perfectly. Peter sees Jesus walking on water and steps out of the boat to go to him. So long as Peter’s eyes are on Jesus, he is able to walk on water. The minute he took his eyes off of Jesus, he sank. The same is true of our business and our goals. As long as we keep our eyes on the prize, we can overcome the fears and scary things we see. What are you focusing on? Are you letting the frightening obstacles hold you back? Or are you keeping your goal in sight and using that to keep you on track?

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