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1 Mar 2017

Motivational Moments: March 1, 2017

Motivational Moments
March 1, 2017

When you are good at something, it is easy to step out and do it. When you have confidence, it takes little effort to perform the way you need to perform. But what about when you are not sure or are fearful of failure? What if you are worried about negative results or things impacting your family in a harmful way? Stepping out in faith when given an opportunity can be scary. It is hard to take the leap and invest in a new business opportunity when your family is barely making ends meet financially, hoping it will pay out the way they make it sound. It is nerve wracking purchasing products to sell when you are not sure people will buy them and you’ll make your money back. But sometimes we have to push those fears aside, swallow the lump in our throat, and just go for it because we have faith in our dream, in the promise of what the future holds by taking this step. Courage is necessary if you want to reach your dreams. You can’t sit back and wish it to happen. You have to make it happen, scared, nervous, fearful, or not.

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