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3 Mar 2017

Motivational Moments: March 3, 2017

Motivational Moments
March 3, 2017

I have always been a competitive person. Throughout my school years, I pushed myself to be the best, to be the first in anything and everything I could. I wanted to be on top. I don’t know WHY I felt I needed to do this. I just did it. (And I see the same attitude in my own children. My oldest is especially competitive and self-motivated.) Along the way, I recall many times where I thought, “If they would just go away!” My competition. It bothered me that they were there. And not only were they there, but they were there ALL THE TIME. I was tired of having to work so hard to stay on top. I wanted it to be easy, to enjoy my position. But they didn’t give up. And I didn’t give up. So the hard work, the competition, the battle for being number one went on and on. Are you doing this in YOUR business? Are you trying to position yourself at the top, as the company your target audience should be turning to? Or are you letting others continue the climb without you?

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