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6 Mar 2017

Motivational Moments: March 6, 2017

Motivational Moments
March 6, 2017

Have we lost the meaning of hard work, of the true value of putting forth the effort to make something happen? Today’s workers are used to immediate results and feedback, regardless of the quality. We live in a “fast food” society where people expect everything to be instantaneous. Unfortunately,hard work is NOT always instantaneous. Sometimes it takes time and effort, and sometimes it takes a LOT of effort. But effort and hard work don’t always mean success, and often doesn’t produce the results you were hoping for. The value, perceived or actual, is determined by the results and hard work does not always equal results. Hard work only equals hard work. Results are an entirely different thing. But, when you put forth the effort, you work hard to accomplish what you set out to accomplish, and the results are what you hoped for, you see the true value of what you have done. Sometimes we need a little push out of our comfort zone to make it happen. But then we realize we can do so more than we imagined. And the value of that work is bigger and better than any you have experienced before.

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