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15 Jun 2016

New Adventures


sacrificeBeing a work at home mom is a task in and of itself, but that is only one aspect of the life I live. I do a lot more than what everyone sees in my business postings or through social media. No matter how many times I say I am going to cut back and purge some of the things from my plate, I never do. I always end up adding more.

Sound familiar? For most moms, it should. We are masters at juggling things and keeping everyone happy. Or at least we try to (and sometimes lie to everyone, including ourselves).

Here are a few things I currently have going on in my life.

Both of my boys are in Scouts. My oldest is in Boy Scouts, my youngest Cub Scouts (and for those non-Scouting families – Yes, there IS a difference between the two). I never expected to do so much, but I want to ensure my boys have a quality program that creates memories and teaches them skills, so I am very involved. I serve on the committees for both, recently giving up my position as Committee Chair for our Pack. I am the district Day Camp Director, providing a quality week-long day camp for Cub Scouts every summer. I am part of the District Training Committee, providing training to adult volunteers and leaders. I assist with various programs such as rank (grade level) campouts, activities, and events. I am in charge of the popcorn sales at the Council level. There are tons of things I assist with or manage and it keeps me busy!

Foster Care
My husband and I began taking in foster kids a few years back. I am am Emergency Foster Home, meaning placements are typically less than 3 weeks. Most of the time, I take in newborns directly from the hospital, but my license is 0-2. We have had more than 50 babies go through our home in the past 4 years. It definitely keeps me busy having a baby in the house at all times, visits, doctor’s appointments, specialist appointments, etc.

mindlimitStudent Teacher Supervision/Online Course Facilitator
I also work part time, on a contractual basis, as both a student teacher supervisor and a course facilitator. These jobs are few and far between, but help me keep my foot in the door at the University level in Education.

This year we have decided to take on the task of homeschooling the boys. Having been a teacher for 11 years, the idea is not as scary as it is for others. But I’d be lying to say I was not worried or a little insecure. Yet, I am excited at the propsect and am eager to see what we can do! I’ll be sharing more and more about my homeschooling adventures as the year goes on. I’ll also be developing school resources that will be available online for order and download.

Crafting and DIY
I have always loved crafts and creating things, and many a times it is the craft projects that keep me from working on business things. I have had to learn how to balance the different “joys” in my life. I love the creativity aspect and enjoy spending time watching things take shape under my hands. I am an avid pinner on Pinterest, so my crafting choices and inspiration are unlimited. My husband and I have also been remodeling and updating our home. In the past year we have changed tile in the entryway, painted grout on all countertops in the kitchen and both bathrooms as well as the grout on the kitchen floor tiles), repainted the entire inside of the house and are prepping to do the outside, refinished and stained cabinets throughout the house, have built a new fence between our house and the neighbors, changed out garage door machinery, tracks, and equipment, as well as started adding more smart features to our house and solar units.

I have many other things I enjoy doing, but these are the ones that take up the majority of my time and keep me on the go all the time. I am sure there will be new things that join the long list as others drop off, but whatever I do, I’ll be sharing here!

Until the next post…


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