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12 Jun 2017

A Look at NLCAC Crystal Heart Pendant Set

Product Info

Product Name: NLCAC Gold Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Set Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace Earring Set

Product Description:

Price: 12.99

Currency: US

Availability: OnlineOnly


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I love collecting jewelry and find that I prefer sets of earrings and matching necklaces over individual pieces that I try to match up. I thought this looked like a lovely set, very feminine and dainty, and decided to give it a try. It arrived in a beautiful red gift box with a bow on it, perfect for gift giving. And the jewelry is securely displayed inside, ready to open and view without having to put it back where it should be hanging.

The earrings are small, yet sturdy. They are hook earrings, so do not need a back to them. They slide in to the ears easily and hang nicely, adding just a touch of glamour, shine, and sparkle to your ears. Though I have sensitive ears and usually need hypoallergenic earrings, these do not irritate my ears. I can wear them for hours without feeling itchy or having my ears getting red and raw. And they are so small and lightweight that it feels like I am not wearing earrings at all.

The matching necklace is super pretty. It is also lightweight in design and feels light on your neck. The chain is delicate, yet well made. I have a tendency to break chains after awhile if I don't take my necklace off immediately upon return to my home. I don't want to damage this one, so wear it while I am out and then hang it in my jewelry box when I get home. It has a claw clasp on the back that you can connect to various loops on the end of the chain, determining the length of your necklace and how low it hangs on your chest.

The set is made with gold plating and Cubic Zirconia. They are a nice way to add sparkle and shine to your appearance with little money. The price is great for what you get, and the packaging perfect for gift giving. It is definitely a set you need to see in person to really appreciate the beauty. I am very pleased with this set and recommend it to anyone looking for nice jewelry for every day wear or those shopping on a budget.

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