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12 Jun 2017

A Look at Onairmall Double Sided Pearl Earrings

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Product Name: Onairmall Double Sides Earring Two Ball Beads Pearl Stud Earring Women Fashion Jewelry (White)

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Price: 8.47

Currency: US

Availability: OnlineOnly


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I have seen a few pairs of earrings like this that have a decorative piece on both front and back, but haven't gotten any until now. I am not a huge fan of pearls and rarely wear them, but do like to have some in my jewelry box for occassional use. I wanted a nice set of pearl earrings to wear that were larger than the simple studs I have now. I thought this might be a good option since it has larger pearls and is more decorative overall.

The packaging was beautiful. They come in a nice gift box that is perfect for gift giving. Inside the box is a pretty silver bag in which you will find the earrings on the typical earring card you find them on in stores. I was impressed with the beauty of the overall packaging. I think this would be a wonderful gift to give, given the decorative design.

The pearls were much larger than I thought they would be. The small pearl is 8mm (0.31 inches) while the large pearl is 15mm (0.59 inches). The are a brilliant, bright white color with shine. The front pearl is smaller than the back pearl. At first I wasn't sure how to put them on, wondering if the larger pearl went in front and the smaller in back. But I assumed they go the opposite - small in front, large in back - because the small has the post and the large the hole that would normally be the backing on other earrings.

They are very pretty earrings and look amazing when on. I wasn't sure how they would look, how much of my earlobe would cover the back pearl, or how it would feel. I can say I will not be able to wear them for long, though. The larger pearl is very heavy on my lobes and pulls down. I only wore them for a little while and my ears began getting sore. I also don't think they are hypoallergenic, which is a must for my ears due to sensitivity.

But they are gorgeous earrings regardless. I am sad I won't be able to wear them for more than a little while. I am sure they would be good for me to wear for pictures or short parties. But they won't be every day work earrings for me. For those who DO work and like wearing pearls, and for those who do not have sensitive ears, these are a great pair of earrings. And they would be an even better gift!

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