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13 Sep 2017

Color Prints – How to Make a Demo Ring for less than $5


There’s nothing worse than having someone ask you “Can I see the colors?” and then having nothing to show them easily! I had this happen to me within days of signing up and I had NO way to easily show them the different color options. I had to promise to send them links to browse since it was taking me forever to find things I had saved on my phone and I had nothing prepared for sharing with potential customers!

Talk about lost opportunity!

You can try to have them all on your phone, or you can upload them to all to your social media pages, but sometimes it is hard to get to those images quickly when you need them.

Here is a super quick, easy way to make a demo ring  that you can carry in your purse or bag at all times and pull out when needed.

How to make a Color Demo Ring for under $5!!!

  1. Save the color swatches to your computer. Right click on each image and save them to a location you can find again. (I create folders for everything on my computer!)
  2. Create a Shutterfly account online here.
  3. Upload the color swatches you saved to Shutterfly. I added them to a folder after uploading them and called it Lipsense Swatches so it would be easier to find later.
  4. Download the Shutterfly app for your phone. You can find it here.
  5. Log in to your account on the app on your phone.
  6. Click PRINTS from your main screen (It says PRINTS and then has App Exclusive: Unlimited free 4×4 and 4×6 prints) or go to Shopping (the shopping cart) and begin shopping and locate Prints.
  7. Choose your Source – locate the files you uploaded (if you made a folder, it will be in My Albums).
  8. Select the size you want. I chose 4×4.
  9. Find the Select All option. (On my phone it is the three dots in the top corner) Or tap each photo you want to add. You know it is added when it shows a 4×4 label in the corner and has a colored frame around it.
  10. Edit your photos if you need to adjust them. To do this, hold the picture (long press) and it will open the editor. A quick touch simply unselects your photo, so be sure to long press to open the editor.
  11. Click the shopping cart at the bottom to add the photos.
  12. Click checkout and follow the directions. Your prints will be free, but you still have to pay shipping and tax. I paid $3.51 for my order.
  13. Wait for your prints to arrive in the mail! This is the hardest part.
  14. When they arrive, hole punch the top corner, then put them on a ring like the ones here. (I usually buy these at the dollar store, walmart, or Amazon).
  15. Add your color prints to your ring, close it up, and toss it in your bag!

Less than $5 and you have an awesome visual color ring with pictures of your beautiful Lipsense colors!

And you can do this for ANY Senegence products. Want to make one for skin care products? Shadowsense? ALL products? Make mutiple demo rings and always have your products ready at your fingertips when needed!

I want to join your team and learn more tricks like this!

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  2. In the box for Sponsor’s Distributor ID Number enter 453288.
  3. Select the option for Individual Account and click continue.
  4. A pop up screen will appear. Confirm that Trisha Smith is the sponsor lister and select Yes.
  5. Complete the account and contact information fields.Skip the Fictitious Business Name field.
  6. Click the Signup Now button and that’s it!

You will receive an email confirmation from SeneGence confirming your account. You can email me directly at or message me on Facebook ( to let me know you joined, or wait for me to contact you once I see you have joined my team. I will then add you to the team Facebook group and help you get started with setting up your business online and giving you access to resources here at Direct Sales Support Center.

If  you have questions or need help, please contact me! I want to help you succeed!

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