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9 Aug 2016

School has Started!


We have officially started, and so far things are going great. I think this may be a great thing we have going here. But only time will tell. Here is a recap of what is going on so far.


20160804_134039 So I am not happy with what we have. We are using the state approved core curriculum provided by our County Superintendent of Schools. I did not want to do Core, but we brought it home to try out, with the understanding that we are meeting with our Resource Teacher again in a few weeks and can go from there. I am now researching and evaluating possible curriculum, and have decided upon my Science and History, and have come to the conclusion I need to design my own Writing program because everything else covers just grammar or just sentence structure, spelling, and mechanics… not all inclusive. Math and English/Language Arts – I need more time to figure those out.

Top shelf of our bookcase – my 7th grader’s work. The next shelf is my 5th grader’s.This stack of books on my bar? Mine. Yay for being the teacher, right?


20160804_134056Day 1 was a bit of a learning process and struggle on a few parts. My oldest was not that good at listening to mom and wanted to try to argue with me about what he was thinking, not listening to what I was explaining when he got stuck or frustrated. It took a few tries but he finally realized mom knows what she is talking about, and we have to learn to communicate effectively.

We also learned a few things NOT to do. I explained to them that everything will be an experiment in finding what works best for ALL of us. And yesterday was better. Today, which was a different day since we decided on an out of town trip, was even stranger. But they adapted. They figured it out. They were flexible and they had fun splitting up the day’s school work with fun.


I think the thing I am loving the most is the increase in help around the house. We have an official chore list on the refrigerator, and each boy is required to cook dinner 2 nights a week while the other makes a healthy snack 2 times a week. Neither has ever done much cooking or baking. They have both helped, but nothing entirely on their own. We have already gone over planning, recipe hunting and interpretation, and checking for ingredients and making a list so mom can shop. The funny part is my oldest tried to make cookies tonite and it was a complete flop. They pretty much just melted in to pools of goo on the cookie sheets. He had trouble at first with figuring out HOW to make them and I kept having to remind him to read the directions and complete each step exactly as outlined. I supervised most of it, but didn’t see if he did make a mistake since I was assisting my youngest with the laundry. I have no clue what went wrong, but found it humorous that he couldn’t read a recipe. Learning!

My youngest commented on how few dishes there were in the sink for his brother to have to wash. Granted we were gone most of the day, but my youngest DID cook dinner, so we DID have dishes to clean up. Then my oldest’s attempts at cookies… But both were amazed at how few dishes there were, and better yet, how easy it was to wash them and put them in the dishwasher!

They are realizing that if you don’t let everything pile up and overwhelm you it doesn’t take as long to get through. And more than that, if everyone does their share, it makes the work a lot easier all around! Everyone can do something and it takes almost no time, plus our house looks nice and we can find things! Go figure!


It has only been 3 days, but so far it is going great. We will see what happens in a week, a month, and later on. I am hoping and praying that this continues, but I am also a realist. I know we will have bad days. I know we will fight and need our time in seperate rooms until we are ready to focus again. But I am excited at the willingness they have to do this NOW.

Wish me luck!



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