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10 Sep 2017

September Jump Start Program

New Jump Start Program – Save 50%

Want to try Senegence and Lipsense products at HALF the cost? Looking to make some majorly easy profits for the rest of the month in your business? How does half off sound???

We are barely in to the month and there is still plenty of time left to take advantage of the SeneGence Jump Start program for September. Don’t miss out on the chance to EASILY get 50% off of wholesale purchases for the next three weeks!

Use the discount on products for your own business and sell it to customers or buy things for yourself, there’s no doubt about it – this is a GREAT deal!

What is a Jump Start Program?

A Jump Start is just that – your chance to jump start your busines and kick off right. Many direct sales companies offer Jump Start programs, but typically they are designed ONLY for new sign ups. Not so here!

For all of September, veteran Senegence and Lipsense distributors can join all new sign ups and take advantage of this bulk buying stock up opportunity and Jump Start their business again!

What do I get for the September Jump Start Program with Senegence?

You get all bulk orders over 300 pv (personal volume) or $600 at 50% off!

Distributors get access to the ENTIRE SeneGence wholesale discount program with  the discount level depending on the point value of a single order. To make it simple to understand, point value is exactly half of the dollar amount value, so a $600 order would be 300pv

Here is the normal point value structure:

  • 0-99PV is 20% off
  • 100-299PV is 30% off
  • 300-749PV is 40% off
  • 750+PV is 50% off

With the Jump Start program, distributors who sign up any time in September will get 50% off ALL 300PV orders placed within their first 30 days of signing up. That means you order $600 worth of product for only $300 plus tax/shipping! And if you are already a distributor, you can take advantage of this opportunity, too! Talk about a great deal!

What can I get with my 50% off?

Anything you want!

If you signed up for the personal discounts, pick the items you want to buy and use them for yourself.

It is the perfect time to start thinking ahead to Christmas! Take advantage of this deal and knock out your Christmas shopping earlly, at half off the normal prices..

If you are launching your business, host a party and take orders. This allows you to collect the payment and invest in your business with no out of pocket expense and no need to house inventory. Then place your order at half off!

Or begin stocking up on items you want to offer to customers in the future. This is a great way to stockpile those hot items you know people want or prep for future vendor events and craft fairs.

How do I take advantage of the September Jump Start Program?

Sign up for a wholesale account! Here’s what to do!

  1. Click the Join Now button below. It will take you directly to the sign up form.
  2. In the box for Sponsor’s Distributor ID Number enter 453288.
  3. Select the option for Individual Account and click continue.
  4. A pop up screen will appear. Confirm that Trisha Smith is the sponsor lister and select Yes.
  5. Complete the account and contact information fields.Skip the Fictitious Business Name field.
  6. Click the Signup Now button and that’s it!

You will receive an email confirmation from SeneGence confirming your account. You can email me directly at or message me on Facebook ( to let me know you joined, or wait for me to contact you once I see you have joined my team. I will then add you to the team Facebook group and help you get started with setting up your business online and giving you access to resources here at Direct Sales Support Center.

If  you have questions or need help, please contact me! I want to help you succeed!

Join Now!

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