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5 Jul 2016

Smith School is Approved!


journeyExciting news for my family. We got the call that we were approved for homeschooling and are ready to go! We will be hearing from our Resource Teacher in the next few weeks and will be able to begin ordering curriculum.

Of course, I am NOT ready to go. I am nowhere close to being ready, physically or mentally. My OCD perfectionist side is screaming at me to get things ordered, develop plans, and get things organized. I have to keep telling myself to take a deep breath, relax, and wait. Though school officially starts in a month, it is okay if I don’t have everything in place yet. I don’t know what I truly need yet.

So here’s where I’m at.

I am rearranging books on my shelves throughout the house. I have 2 tall bookcases in the front half of the house – one in the entry and one in the dining room. I’m shifting books off of the one in the dining room to make more room for school books to be kept.  I brought in 2 of the rubbermaid 3 drawer units and put them in the dining room area out of the way to store school supplies. (This not having an office large enough or a seperate room dedicated to school is going to drive me bonkers!) I am going to pick up a few crates from Walmart, since the are super cheap right now, to help store work that needs to be turned in and additional resources we’ll be using.

I can’t get started on the planning yet, since I have not met with my resource teacher. But I CAN start working on placement testing and baseline assessments. I need to gauge what my kids are capable of doing and where they have needs. I have found a few resources online to help me with that, as well as have accessed my old teaching stuff to pull out assessments I used in the past.

I have no clue what to use yet, but am exploring options and stockpiling whatever I can. Pinterest has been my absolute best friend, providing me tons of ideas and a wealth of online resources to work with.

One of the things I love about working from home and being as involved in Scouts as I am is the vast amount of ”stuff” I have. I know I’ll need to pick up some basic supplies, but not many! I have supplies galore in tubs in the garage, office, closets, and bedroom.

The beauty of homeschooling is the freedom to do what I want! I have decided my boys will be learning life skills alongside the core subjects. And my boys are excited about what I have planned. They will have the chance to learn Spanish, learn to cook and bake, plan meals and help budget, plus build their own businesses. My oldest already has a business that we put together six months ago, but he has not worked it at all. Now we’ll have the chance to focus on his business, while helping my youngest decide on one of his own. They will be able to go through basic marketing steps each day as part of their schooling. That ties in with what I plan to do to keep my business going while homeschooling.

So for now, I wait. But my mind is awhirl and the excitement is growing. Smith School will be open and operational in a month and all three of us are anxious to try it out!

Until next time,


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