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15 Jun 2017

A Look at VK Accessories Pom Tassel Earrings

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Product Name: VK Accessories Elegant Pom Tassel Dangle Earrings

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Price: 7.99

Currency: US

Availability: OnlineOnly


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It has been awhile since I wore longer dangling earrings, but I thought I might give it a try. I ordered these dangle earrings in black, that way they would go with most anything I have to wear. They arrived quickly and were well packaged and protected.

They were a lot longer than I thought they would be. I don't know why this surprised me, though, since the Amazon listing said they are three inches in length. But for some reason that didn't register in my mind. I am not sure how much I will wear them. I have never worn earrings that touched my shoulders before. Perhaps if I had a longer neck they would look better on my ears. But I have a very short neck, so am not sure they hang right on me.

But they are cute. They are beaded and tassled. There is a pom pom top which gathers and then hangs in a long tassle. The material they are made from, according to the listing is eco alloy and acrylic beads. You can buy them in various colors. There are pom dangles in red, yellow, pearl white, turquoise, or black, which is what I bought. Though they are long danglies, they are lightweight. They are 0.8oz. They feel like almost nothing when wearing them.

These are the perfect set of earrings for someone with a long neck, which unfortunately is not me. They are pretty, give you an elegant look, and would make a great gift. And they are fun!

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