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10 May 2018

A Look at Zoweetek Wireless Pointer

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Product Name: Zoweetek Wireless Pointer

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Price: 24.99

Currency: US


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I started using presentation pointers when I began teaching at University of Phoenix nearly 8 years ago. I loved the ease of use for controlling my power point presentations with the clicker and have gone through a few different kinds over the years. I no longer teach classes, now supervising student teachers only, but still use my presentation pointers/clickers for other things. When I was teaching junior high, it was an easy way for me to move through the room and talk about my slides to my students, engaging them and controlling behavior with proximity instead of having to call out students from the front of the room. And now I spend most of my time doing presentations during trainings and events for Scouts and for my business. So while I originally began with one purpose, I have since moved through a variety of others, always using my clicker for presentations.

This pointer is far nicer than the others I have used. It is longer, so doesn't fit as easily in your hand, but is slim and easy to hold regardless. The receiver fits neatly in the bottom back and pulls free easily. Just be careful not to lose it and leave yourself with a laser pointer only! It has a laser pointer that is bright and lights up immediately. It has buttons to advance or go back in your presentation, giving you complete control over the screen. It also has volume controls on it, which is a nice addition. And there is a power button on the side that allows you to save the charge in it, which is something I did not have on my previous clickers.

Even better, it is usb charged, so you don't have to worry about carrying batteries with you everywhere you go. I used to keep a full pack of batteries in my laptop bag so that I could easily swap out batteries when they died, which often happened during a presentation with no warning. This clicker allows me to charge it up after each use, always keeping it topped off and ready to go. That is a huge benefit in my opinion. I am very happy with that option!

I highly recommend this pointer/clicker if you do presentations. It is well made, works great, and is easy to charge up and keep ready for the next use. I am super happy with it and can't wait for my next presentation!

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